Recruitment advertising campaign IKEA

Standards Group developed a recruitment campaign for IKEA. IKEA wants to recruit more than 8,000 people over the next five years.

IKEA employees must be down to earth, have a sense of humor, and work well in a team. Simply, they have to be nice. These criteria are more important to IKEA than qualifications or specific experience.

The challenge was not only to attract a (very) large number of candidates, but also to translate the IKEA spirit into an advertising campaign that appeals to the right candidates.

They wanted to know their target audience better, so they brought together twenty potential candidates in line with IKEA's specifications (age, education, experience, and attitude). Group members had to answer a series of written questions, and a personal interview. They wanted to know what they already know about IKEA, see how they respond to IKEA's recruitment specifications, and even what language would best appeal to them (Chinese? English? maybe even Swedish?).

They also interviewed existing IKEA employees. This provided them with an understanding of how IKEA's recruiting policy is applied in practice, and how IKEA employees look at their work experiences.

They then produced a selection of ads to be used on different media. Now, IKEA can grow in peace, with plenty of nice people to fill its new stores.

IKEA recruitment ad in Chinese
IKEA recruitment ad in English
IKEA recruitment banner

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