Salary guideline by the Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau

A salary guideline issued by the Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau yesterday suggests local employers give their workers an average pay raise of nine percent this year.

Under the salary guidelines, the wage increase should range between three and 12 percent. Local workers who earn double the average salary in the city should get a three-percent raise, while workers who earn 50 percent of the average level should get the 12-percent increase.

Employees earning at the average level can expect a pay increase of nine percent.

The guidelines are just a suggestion to local companies, but domestic firms may have to offer higher salaries to remain competitive, a bureau official said.

The average annual salary for all workers in Shanghai hit 29,569 yuan (US$3,810) last year, growing 10.2 percent from a year earlier. The average monthly wage was 2,464 yuan last year.

The guidelines also recommend that companies should focus on pay rises for first-line workers. If their wages are not increased, managers should also receive no raise.

The city's average salary has maintained a growth of 10 percent in recent years, with yearly income reaching 26,820 yuan in 2005 and 24,396 yuan in 2004, according to the bureau.


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